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Small businesses across Ireland are missing out. Even though Irish consumers often prefer to buy from a local business like yours, 70% of the money we spend online goes outside Ireland to foreign companies.

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Who Are Doctype Digital?

Doctype Digital is a small, independent web agency. We are based at The Fumbally Exchange on Dame Lane (just off Dame Street), in the very heart of Dublin.

The company is built around the skills of its lead developer, Joe Czucha, who has over 6 years commercial experience with a number of agencies and software companies throughout the UK. Prior to this, he worked in a number of marketing roles so he's gained a strong understanding of the importance of balance between technical innovation and commercial viability.

How Can We Help You?

Small businesses grow twice as fast and export twice as much if they have a strong internet presence, according to McKinsey, the world’s top consulting firm.

In fact, if your business isn’t trading online, you’re missing out on a market in Ireland worth €3.7 billion - and set to grow to €6 billion by 2016.

We specialise in fully bespoke site designs and system architecture aimed at those with a specific list of requirements, but still seeking a competitive price. We do not use

Some Common Misconceptions

You may think that this is the case at the moment, but forecasts suggest that a third of all retail sales could be online by 2022. Is this something you can afford to ignore? Plus, with the potential to reach customers all over Ireland, your online presence may have you completely rethinking how you operate your business.

This might well be the case, but does your website work across all desktop computers, tablets AND smartphones? Mobile traffic now accounts for 20% of all internet traffic and if your website is over 2 years old, the chances are that it is not optimized for these devices.

We specialise in helping small businesses get online, whatever their level of technical expertise. All of our web packages include control panels which allow you to change the content of your site using a simple text editor, much like Microsoft Word.

With packages starting from €999, we have something to suit nearly all requirements and budgets.

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So what should you do? The first step you should take is to set up a website. This is where we can help.

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